Bring your vehicle in if your check engine light comes on. Our certified technicians are willing and able to find the problem and fix it quickly and professionally. 


Head Gaskets 

Blown head gaskets can lead to major problems in your engine. With any damage to it your oil and coolant will start mixing together causing major sludge buildup in the engine resulting in you needing a costly complete engine disassembly and clean out. 



Brakes are one of the most important safety components in your car. You should have yours checked about every 25,000 miles to catch anything before it turns into major problems. The importance of changing them out is making sure you can stop quickly in an emergency and to prevent damage to other parts of your wheel assembly 


Air Conditioning 

With all the hot summer days we have in Texas having a working A/C isn’t only a matter of comfort but also, of safety. The Freon in your car slowly gets used up resulting in weak, warm air. If your A/C isn’t working come in for a quick Freon recharge. 


Suspension Systems 

Bad suspension is uncomfortable, your car will wobble with every turn and braking, your car will sag low on one side, steering will become more difficult, and without the suspension other parts of your vehicle will end up taking the brunt of the uneven road causing more damage and headaches. 


Fuel Systems 

Made up of Carburetors, fuel injectors, fuel filter, and fuel pump these parts bring fuel into your engine so you can drive. They will start to wear out, get dirty, and clog up. You should have these parts checked or replaced every 50,000 miles in order to keep your engine running like new. 



The transmission shifts all the gears in your car allowing for a smooth ride. The transmission should have full fluid to avoid damage and an expensive transmission replacement. Things that cause stress to it include towing trailers, stop and go traffic especially on hot days, and not shifting correctly. Get yours checked every 25,000 miles. 



Working vehicle lights keeps you safe at night and on overcast days as well as avoiding annoying fix it tickets. Your blinker may start flashing faster when it’s about time to go out. Not all cars lights are easy to get to and may even require a component to be removed in order to access it. 



Your engines vital fluids are connected to various parts of the engine through hoses. If one of them should start leaking it will mean that your Transmission, radiator, or other essential part isn’t receiving the fluid it needs to run correctly which can lead to a failure of that part. 


The belt in your engine is essential to keeping your engine running. When it wears it causes the parts that is powers to spin slower and will eventually diminish power throughout the electrical resulting in dimmed lights, loss of some functions, loss of vehicle power, and even a dead battery. 


Emissions testing is a requirement to getting your car registered in most cities. If your car doesn’t pass inspection because of a failed emission test you should take it your mechanic to get fixed. The most common problem is a rich air-fuel mixture due to malfunctioning injectors or a faulty oxygen sensor.